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Eagle Sense Technology is one of the rapidly growing distribution companies focused on diversified product verticals in the field of Safety, Security & Building Automation.

We have carved a niche for ourselves as being one of the most trusted and reputed distributors of Security, Fire detection & suppression, Building Management system products in India. We offer value addition through our strong sourcing team in importing and supplying difficult to source materials from outside India.  Our organized and professional distribution business serves as a reliable and trusted partner for our customers. We are committed to continue growing our product verticals, our geological reach and our customer base year after year. Our vision is to become the one stop distribution hub that brings within reach the best available products across diverse categories, from leading global brands.


Integrate people, processes, and technology to provide a balanced service level to all customers. Create a collaborative environment where trusted relationships and teamwork are encouraged between Company, Client and Suppliers. Leverage human resources, institutional knowledge, developing skill sets, and technology in an effort to continuously improve service and productivity for all Service Areas. Create an organizational structure that balances strategic and tactical efforts that promote efficiencies. Mitigate risk to the NSS enterprise by focusing on compliance requirements and understanding the impact these requirements have on productivity and customer service. Develop an integrated organizational structure that will promote the consistent interpretation and enforcement of policies, procedures, local, state and central laws and regulations throughout the Company. Build a business organisation dedicated to operational and customer service excellence.


To create a business environment that will continuously enhance service, compliance and productivity to its customers with ethical and core business practices. The company shall focus on advancing technology to provide innovative, reliable solutions and services that help improve the quality of Security and Safety to make people's lives, assets and property more Safe.

Providing Customized and Integrated Solutions for

Security & Surveillance

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